The Road To Four

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Miraculous Guzzling!

Miraculous Guzzling!!!

Yup. He is drinking.  And quite frankly,  it's miraculous.

This morning we were told he drinks or he doesn't go home.

They sent us home, even though he wasn't drinking.  We were definitely apprehensive about that.

Get home, and he is still lethargic, not really wanting to eat or drink, but ate a couple of things.

Then tonight,  around 8pm,  trying to get him settled down for bed,  he took his bottle (only 2 oz since he hasn't been drinking) and downed it in like 4 gulps.

Maybe 30 seconds.

Keep in mind people,  a 4 oz bottle normally takes him about 15-20 min and he might get through 3 oz.  You can't suck with a hole in the top of your mouth.

Until the wonders of modern medicine get involved and you close the hole :)

Michael sucks!

-- You know what I mean!!   He learned how to suck tonight and he is now drinking!!

Kerri had a glass of water and Michael wanted some.  So we tried it.  And he easily drank 2 or 3 oz of water right out of a glass.

We made another 2 oz bottle and he got through about 1.5 oz in between bouncing on the bed, and acting more alive than he has since Wednesday.

During one of those bounces you could hear the liquid sloshing around in his tummy.

Yup.   Miraculous Guzzling.

I think he likes being home.

He lit up today when the kids and I showed up.  He loves his brothers and sister.   He lit up again tonight when the boys and I got home from Drew's baseball games.

There is sooo much to feeling better that is emotional and not just physiological.

He is sleeping now.  Sticking with the pain meds for a while.  He does still have a low grade fever, so we will be watching him closely.

Did I mention we are glad to have him home again?

I think he is glad too.

Ok,  bunch of iPhone pictures taken today, so please excuse the quality of these, but they do capture the moment(s)

Some pictures while still in the hospital (all taken today)

Check out those feet.  Too cute!

He is loving his Krispy Kreme doughnut. Just like GG Mary :)

Ok,  this was Thursday or Friday, but it was too cute to not include here...

All of these are since we have been home tonight.


I thought this was a cool shot.  He turned the music on by himself and was dancing :)

One of many sips of Water

 Lounging on Momma, playing with her phone



  1. What a wonderful start to my day. Michael sucks, pretty amazing. And is drinking too. Home is where the healing is.

  2. Hi Michael! Aunt jen had so much fun singing to you this morning. I love you SO much. Keep drinking so that mommy and daddy don't get too worried. You are so strong and wonderfully made! Thank you for all the joy you bring to our family.
    Love Aunt Jen