The Road To Four

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good for my soul

I cannot believe Michael has been our son for over two months now.   Time has moved so fast. 
He has been such a true gift to our family.  Every day comes with new challenges, new skills, new laughter.   I was talking with a girlfriend several weeks ago about our journey, and can I just say, my friends have been Jesus with skin on.  They rock.  In talking with this friend she was telling me about some of her prayers for us while we have been on this journey.   She shared with me the words that came to mind during this process for us. "Beautifully Complicated".  Incredible and true.   This road has been some of the most challenging and complicated that I have ever traveled.   And to think that I could have let fear stop me in my tracks, breaks my heart.   But I didn't.   And the beauty that our lives have been drenched in far surpasses the complicated.    It is good. 


I needed my sister.   There are times throughout the year when not having my family here, hits me hard.   Going through this type of life changing experience has been one of those times.  Now just because we may live 1000 miles apart,  doesn't mean we don't still have coffee on a regular basis.  It just means we are on the phone and usually "on the go" and visiting while we drink our coffee. 

Several weeks ago, during a somewhat challenging week, I told her I needed her.   I'm not one to ask for help, but I did.  Keep in mind, her life is not dull.  This was not "convenient" for her.   She said "I'm coming". 

I picked her up on Thursday and for the last 3 days, I have been renewed.  We didn't do "big" things.  We did laundry together, stayed in every store we visited until closing, literally, and had coffee together for real.

She loved on my kids, who whole heartedly love her back.  Including Michael.  He reached for her hand the second she got off the plane. 

We listened to worship songs together, cleaned the kitchen too many times together, and drove through some snow storms that would probably have our mother stressed out.   We made homemade pizza and sat around the family room together.  We looked at pictures of our trip to China.

It's 5:30 am on Sunday morning and I'm writing this as she is getting ready for me to take  her to the airport.  The kids, husband, and dog are all sound asleep.   And when I look back on our weekend, all I can say is, it was good for my soul.

This was not taken this weekend.  We didn't take time to dress up like this.  :) 
This was in Seattle over the summer, but I love this picture.

Rachel and Aunt Jen.  Two very beautiful ladies!

We had to take a quick pic on the drive to the airport this morning.

Apparently all were exhausted from the fun this weekend. 

We love you Aunt Jen!