The Road To Four

Monday, February 18, 2013

4 weeks

It's unreal to think that it has been four weeks since Michael was placed into our arms in a civil affairs office in Zhengzhou, China.   Our lives were forever changed that day.  Now that we are home, it truly feels like it has always been this way.  Maybe because it was meant to be this way.  Our home is louder, messier, and quite possibly, smellier.   I wouldn't change it.   I'm not going to lie, there have been some hard days.  Mainly because I am constantly learning to give up control that really wasn't mine to begin with.    God continues to be patient with me.  Thank goodness! 
As we were sitting around the dinner table last night, with dirty dishes and unmopped floors and my four kids rolling around under the table, playing with the dog and laughing, I realized that this is the kind of beauty that matters.  
There has been a lot of chat about our little dude lately, so we thought we would share some of the happenings with the rest of the Junge kids. 
Chris' basketball team made it to the championship game last Wednesday.  They played the game at the University of Denver.   It was such a great time for the team.  It's always cool to hear your name announced on the loud speaker after you've made a great shot!  I was so proud of Chris.  Their team lost but had a great game.  Chris scored 7 points and loved every minute. 
This is the jump ball at the beginning of the game. 
Chris was fouled and had a chance at 2 free throws. 

That ball is in the basket!  Nicely done.

Michael had to get in on the action after the game.  I think the ball is bigger than he is.

Congratulations Chris.  Always a winner to us. 

Rachel had her first climbing competition of the semester.   She has learned so much through this sport.  Reach high, stay strong, and in her own words, "persevere"! She is becoming such an awesome young lady. 
Here she is getting ready.  Safety first :-) 
She and her friend Evan make a great team.   
Her strength is constantly amazing me.

The descent is always fun.  Love that smile!

Michael was able to wear his "Rock Climb" shirt that his big sis picked out for him on the day we were matched back in August. Awesome on so many levels. 

My sweet spiderwoman. 


And...Baseball has begun.   Andrew's team was able to get an outdoor practice in yesterday. 
I love watching his first base "stretch". 

We are looking forward to many days at the ball field this spring/summer. 

It's unreal to think that this young man will be 13 in less than a month.  

We had a chance to attend a Chinese New Year celebration at our church this past week.  Michael wore his "silks" and absolutely loved the music. 
Here is Michael with Josh.  He and his wife Lily, are the co-founders of CCAI.  We are so grateful for their ministry and love of these children. 

This was a beautiful night.   The songs and dancing were fantastic.  It felt so great to be there with Michael on my lap bobbing his head to the music.  We all had a great time. 

Michael with Lily. 

In other news, Michael has visited the pediatrician twice now.  Once for a general overview of his health and blood draw.  He is doing awesome.  Developmentally on track and very healthy.  Praise the Lord. 
His second trip, was for 5 shots.  Yep, 5.   His poor little thighs.   We had to get a picture of him checking out the Snoopy band aids.   
Speaking of his sweet thighs... little man gained 10 oz in 11 days.  Dr. said that's a great thing and that he's thriving.    

What a busy, chaotic, beautiful four weeks this has been.  I wouldn't change a thing. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The new normal

Jet lag is real.  There is a reason the blog has been silent.  We are just plain tired and adjusting to our "new normal"  Life is busy, life is exhausting, but life is GOOD.   This post is more of a picture post.  Enjoy.