The Road To Four

Sunday, December 30, 2012

As promised

I said we would post pictures of our little man's room.  Ta da!  Room is done!   We didn't repaint, or buy any furniture.   Ok, I did buy the little panda chair.  Couldn't resist that.  This is truly a room filled with history and love.  

I have to share the crib story.  This crib was handcrafted by my better half.   13 years ago.  Each of my children have had sweet dreams in this crib.   2 of my nieces have also placed their little heads down to sleep in this crib.  My heart smiles at the fact that Michael will sleep in this same crib.    We wish for you many sweet dreams little one.

The twin bed is there for us.  We know there could be some rough nights ahead.  Chris and Rach have already asked if they can be the ones to stay with him when he cries.  Not their job,  but so incredible to see that they are equally excited to bring their little brother home.    

The wall hanging was given to us by Aunt Barb and Uncle Scott.  Some of the most thoughtful people we know and we are blessed to call them family.    The quilt on the rocking chair was a true labor of love.   My grandma, not enough words to express my love for this woman, taught me to hand quilt.  We picked out the fabric together, laughed and loved, as we worked on this blanket for Michael.    The quilt is waiting on the rocking chair that my mom would use to rock me to sleep.  I'm forever grateful to be able to rock another little one to sleep in this very chair. 

The toys and clothes,  oh my word! Thanks to Grandma Junge for helping me organize toys and clothes for an entire day.    And many thanks to everyone who has shared their hand me down toys and clothes with Michael.  We are so grateful!

 The Chinese lettering was a gift from my sister who has been an incredible support through this entire process.    "Blessings".  Appropriate. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


I had great intentions for the blog.  I truly did.  But, I'm slightly behind in updating everyone on our adoption status.  So much has happened.  We are close, very close, to travel. 

On Friday, December 21st, our Article 5 was picked up from the US consulate in China.  This is immigration visa paperwork for Michael.   All approvals are complete and visas are done.  Next step, Travel Approval or TA in adoption world.  Once we receive our TA, we will hopefully be able to travel within 2 weeks.  Things happen very fast at this point. 

China is taking around 2-3 weeks to issue TA after the article 5 is picked up.  Here's where your prayers come in.  We are hoping to travel and be back home before Chinese New Year.  This would mean we would need to leave by the 23rd or 24th of January.  If we don't leave by then, we are delayed by approximately 3 weeks as China shuts down adoption proceedings to celebrate the holiday.   For those of you that know me well, I'm a planner.  And, dare I say it, I like to have a little control over certain situations.  I have none with this.  This is completely in God's hands and I know with all that I have, that His plan is perfect.  I will trust in this.  So, we pray for a quick TA and leave it at that.  Michael will be here one way or the other, but this family is ready for that sweet boy to be HOME!

Christmas wishes

Slightly overdue.

Our kids love technology and Andrew decided to do a time-lapse of us decorating our home for Christmas.    We thought we would share this with you and call it our Christmas card this year.

 Our family wishes all of  you a blessed 2013.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for every person that has walked with us this year.  We are constantly in awe of God's goodness.    May the new year bring you peace, rest,  and laughter

From our family to yours,
The Junges
Adam, Kerri, Andrew, Rachel, Christopher

Man cave

Our oldest son, our firstborn, has made the migration to the basement.  To what he is calling....his "Man Cave".    I don't know where the time has gone.  It seems like not that long ago I was looking at this sweet face.

Now, I'm watching my son grow up faster than I ever thought possible.  He's approaching 13, yikes, 13.  I love my son.  I'm proud of my son.  I'm thankful, even in the challenging times, that God has trusted me with this spectacular, baseball loving, God following, young man, Andrew. 

We thought we'd share a few pictures of his new space.  No man cave could be complete with the chocolate lab, of course.

Future blog posts will include the newest pics of our "little man's cave".  Michael's room is almost complete.   Now we just need Michael home.