The Road To Four

Saturday, July 20, 2013

6 months!

Six months ago we were meeting Michael for the first time face to face.  We had love for him from the first moment we saw his picture almost a year ago.  But face to face, we were his forever. 

Things are going so much better than we could have hoped for.   He is adjusting very well.   He is still quite the peanut, at just over 21 lbs.  He has only gained about 1.5 lbs since coming home.  That could be due to the fact that he doesn't stop moving.   He eats anything we give him.  There is not a flavor he won't try and enjoy.   We are truly thankful that eating has turned out to be a non issue.  Given his cleft, and history, we were prepared for much worse. 

He is truly a light to everyone he meets.   People just smile when Big Mike walks into the room.  It's hard not to. 

He definitely has a feisty side.   We can tell that he is rapidly approaching two.  He is currently into climbing anything, onto the counter, kitchen table, pretty much any obstacle that may stand in his way.  He has learned how to shake his head "no" to just about any question asked.

 His brother's and sister adore him and it's so incredible to watch the interaction between them.   We have started replacing pictures around the house with pictures of the four kids.  Michael literally lights up and will sit and look at them and point out and list each person, including himself.  He knows he's part of the crew. 

We are making great progress with his speech.  His speech therapist is fantastic.  His vocabulary seems to grow daily.  Most people probably think we are crazy when we say we understand him, but we actually do.  His words still lack most consonants, but he's definitely talking.  I guess mom's just know how to translate :-)  The best word that he's said in the last few weeks... RaRa.. that's Dada in case you were wondering.  He knows his dada and looks for him when he's not here.   That melts me every time. 

It's easy to think that Michael has always been here, as a Junge.  No wounds, no scars, no history.
But that's not necessarily the case.   He still has his insecurities.   

When the sun goes down, and it's time for bed, mama is the only person that is allowed to hold him, rock him, and give him his bottle.   We have tried and succeeded several times to have Adam put him down, but lately, he's regressed a bit with that.  He becomes almost panic stricken when anyone else tries to carry him upstairs, sits in the rocking chair, or bathes him.  That's a tough one.  As much as you know not to take it personally, it still stings a bit when being pushed away.  Adam loves this little guy beyond words.    But, Michael does have a history,  a story, and therefore, we will meet him wherever he is.   We're on this road together. 

Happy six months sweet boy.  We love you!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Prayer needed for Maggie

Hello friends,

Our lives have been forever changed by adding Michael to our family.   Part of the process meant meeting some absolutely incredible people.  People here at our agency, CCAI, people in our travel group that we will forever call friends, and the in China staff of CCAI.  Maggie is a member of the Guangzhou CCAI staff and truly helped us every step of the way in Guangzhou.    When Adam and I had severe colds in Guangzhou, Maggie and Grace went to the drugstore to bring us medicine to the hotel.  When Michael had struggles, they "held our hand".     

Maggie needs prayer.  I have copied an email that our agency has sent out.  Please pray for Maggie and her sweet new baby, Hope.   My heart is heavy.  Thank you for your prayers.

Dear CCAI Families,

We’re writing to you today because your family has been touched by our wonderful CCAI Guangzhou representative Maggie Pan.  On June 9, six months pregnant, Maggie checked herself into a hospital as a result of breathing difficulties.  Two days later she was diagnosed with late-term stomach, liver and lung cancers.

Yesterday, doctors delivered her baby via C-section in order to save the baby’s life.  At around 10:00 am on July 2, her baby girl Hope was born, more than three months premature but with a strong heartbeat.  Hope weighs only 1.8 pounds.   

Doctors then immediately operated on Maggie and removed as many tumors as they could.  Almost 24 hours have now passed, but she still has not yet woken up. Doctors have informed her family to prepare for the worst.

Baby Hope is in intensive care, fighting for her life…

Maggie joined CCAI in 2000 and has provided incredible service to more than 1,000 CCAI families like yours.  Will you join us in prayer during this very sad and difficult time for Maggie and her family?

We have established a Hope for Maggie Fund to help with Maggie and her daughter’s medical costs.   Donations of any amount are needed and much appreciated.

Contributions can be made online at  or by check to CCAI (6920 South Holly Cir., Centennial, CO 80112). 100% of your tax deductible donation will go to the Hope for Maggie Fund.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 303-850-9998 or email to

Thank you very much for your prayers and support!

Josh and Lily