The Road To Four

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day

It's fathers day.   It's my 13th fathers day as a father.  I can't think of anything more rewarding than spending time with my kids,  and seeing them all grow and learn and mature.

Kerri's Dad came out and spent a couple of days with us earlier this week.  He was able to meet Michael for the first time.  Happy father's day Brett!

My folks are in Norway on vacation right now, but we had a chance to facetime with them on our way home from Church.  Nice father's day treat for my Dad.  Isn't technology cool?  Happy Father's Dad Pops!

Michael has an amazing bond with Kerri.  She provides him more comfort than anybody hands down.  But more and more,  he has been reaching for me,  he is attempting to say "Dada"  (sounds more like "RaRa") and he is comforted by me ( especially when Kerri isn't in the room :) ).   Baby steps,  but very promising progress.

On Mother's Day,  we reflected on the appreciation we have for Michael's birth mother who made the decision to place Michael in a conspicuous place (the steps of the orphanage) wrapped in a blanket.  We truly believe she cared about Michael and wanted to give him a better chance for a normal life that she would have been able to provide.   

Today on fathers day,  we can only wonder if the biological father was around,  if he was a part of the decision, or maybe even was the one to actually place him on those steps.   We will never know...   Some of the cases are cases of shame, babies born out of wedlock etc.  But many of the special needs kids are abandoned due to lack of resources to access appropriate medical care.   In Chinese culture, it's a big deal to have a son.  If dad was there, giving him up had to be a heart wrenching decision for him too.  Michael is an amazing boy, and I couldn't be more proud to call him my son. 

Kerri and the kids surprised me by going out and getting a bunch of professional pictures taken of the 4 kids.  I'll leave you with a sample of a couple of them.




  1. Great Photos! And you are right the technology rocks - we were talking to your mom and dad via facetime while driving to Red Rocks. I had to move the screen away from Beth since she was driving - but it was amazing to think of what we were doing in the moment - and not having to miss a moment. Happy Belated Father's Day to you.